About PeoplewithE

The name of the company (pronounced as People..with…E) illustrates the key mission of the company: helping companies Implementing changes with Enthusiasm and Engagement. So many changes are implemented with poor results, tired employees and loss of engagement. Let’s avoid that! We assist you in defining success and helping you achieve it.

Our culture platform consists of Vision, Purpose, Promises and Values

✔︎ Our Vision is to be M.A.D – make a difference for our customers

✔︎ Our Purpose statement is to; Inspire Leadership & Change

Our promises

  • We assist you in defining what success looks like and help you achieving it!

  • We translate strategy/technology into human consequences & solutions

  • We are a learning partner ensuring inhouse competence building 

  • We create innovative design based on experience and research

Our Values are Passion, Insight, Change and Partnering. Read more about Our values.

Our People

Out team is passionate about leadership and People at Work, and coming to this through very diverse backgrounds. Both founding partners have executive background and have implemented a number of change projects internationally. We offer our services as consultants and will support other executives with change implementation. We will do so with enthusiasm and engagement! We attract people with passion for the human side of change!


Endre Lima Lovas

Create more steam than dust!

Endre Lima Lovas has; before starting PeoplewithE,  for the last 10 years been at the executive team of Skanem, an international manufacturing company. In early career he was 9 years with Shell, and the last two years with Shell International in London as change agent supporting Shell companies around the world. He then started a consultant company in Norway focusing on human side of change and merged this company with Right Management. He was at corporate Right Management in Philadelphia developing Right’s consulting solutions  within Talent Management and Leadership Development. Education as Cand. Psychol. See LinkedIn profile


Tor Arnesen

Vær sTor!

Tor Arnesen was the Managing Director of Norske Shell for the last 6 years, and is now Chairman of Norske Shell. Tor has 38 years of experience from the Oil and Gas business globally with executive and senior leadership experience from Business, HR, HSSE and various Board positions.
Tor has a wide international experience, and lived as expatriate in The Hague for 6 years and had personnel responsibility for people in 10 countries. He has done business in many parts of the world: Europe, USA and Asia. Education: Master of Management. See LinkedIn Profile


Åse Andreassen

Keep an attitude of gratitude

Åse is a certified coach and has coached managers in many companies and business contexts.

She was Corporate Advisor in Skanem in the areas of HR and Corporate Social Responsibility.

She was supporting Skanem companies around the world with assessment & recruitment of senior managers and professionals and did also conduct leadership development programs and coaching of leaders. She was also actively supporting the development of CSR practices.

In Mercuri Urval she worked in Recruitment & Search Solutions, Board & Executive and Talent & Transformation Services, and was supporting customers in finding and attracting the right talent. She was part of the team developing the yearly Benchmarking report on terms & conditions in the oil industry.

She is also running a company focusing on storytelling, inspirational writing & also support to caregivers. Education: BA Economy & Business. See LinkedIn Profile


Lars Hæhre

The future of business is human-centered

Lars is a Leadership Consultant, and driven by creativity, curiosity and engagement. Strongly believe that leaders should help people becoming the best version of themselves.

Lars was responsible for starting a new division in Sola commune. The division had an explicit focus on building a purpose-driven organization with a focus on building exceptional customer experiences. He teaches at BI Norwegian Business School and coaches leaders in a broad range of industries. Education: Cand. Psychol, Uni. of Bergen. See LinkedIn profile


Ingfrid Landsnes

You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build your business

Ingfrid Landsnes is an experienced leader and organizational adviser and strongly believe curiosity about people and the future is essential of getting the results you need today and tomorrow.

She started her professional life in the retail business before joining the oil & gas industry as HR – Vice President. The last 9 years she has been an organizational adviser and keynote speaker in her own company, focusing on supporting leaders to achieve results building the people around them. She emphasizes the executive part of management and how to make theory into practical processes for you as a leader. Education: Economy, HR, Marketing and Organization Development. Fun Fact: Proud of her Forklift Truck Driver licence. See LinkedIn profile


Vibeke Forgaard

Constantly curious about people

Vibeke is a Leadership Consultant with background from a wide range of companies like Equinor, Mercuri Urval and EY. A strong commitment and enthusiasm for developing people have been key elements throughout her career.

Capitalizing on her broad experience, she is well positioned to give valuable input to employees, managers and management groups. Based on her experience she has seen how a strong leader can develop a binding interaction between managers and employees. In Vibeke’s view, leadership is about teaching employees to take responsibility together with the managers, both for the results to be created, for the working environment and for the workplace as a whole. This will be especially important during times of changes. Education: Audit, Accounting, NLP practitioner, Coaching. See LinkedIn profile


Tine Solum

Once you were wild here. Don’t let them tame you

Tine is a leadership Consultant and truly ambitious about giving individuals and organisations new perspectives on themselves.

With a background in clinical psychology she has an expertise in group processes and her approach is characterized by courageously asking the tough questions.

Tine believes compassion focused leadership is the future, and that behaviour driven by values makes people (and business) strive. Also she considers play to be an important part of our work lives in order to boost creativity. Education: Cand. Psychol. Uni. of Bergen. See LinkedIn profile


Lene Ø. Berge

Be the change you wish to see

Lene brings a wealth of experience in government, humanitarian NGO, and consulting job sectors in Norway and international assignments to her work. Organizations she has worked for include Red Cross, Clinton Foundation, BlueSteps and Right Management. She has worked as a career & leadership development consultant for the past six years, serving clients across oil & gas, IT/tech, finance and humanitarian industries. Backed by solid industry credentials and inspired by a true passion for human potential, she is driven to create happier and more productive workplaces.

Clients appreciate Lene for her creativity, curiosity, commitment and optimism. She is author of a career management book and enjoys writing on career and leadership topics. Several of her articles has been published on global websites. Education: MSSc, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She is also a Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach, Certified Brain-based Success Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer & Credentialed Career Manager. See LinkedIn profile

ellen johanne.png

Håvard Levang

There is always a solution that can work

Håvard has broad experience in implementing organizational changes working both on a management level and with “shop floor” interventions. His main focus is on Leadership Development, and coaching management teams to improved business performance.

Håvard has worked as a management consultant since 1994, since 2007 in his own business. Håvard was from the start a partner in Human Link. A company that grew to be a profiled consultancy working with larger companies in the area, dominated by oil industry. Human Link was acquired by Right in April 2001, where Håvard held different management positions in Norway and Scandinavia.

Håvard has his Cand.Psychol degree from the University of Oslo in 1984, and achieved his speciality in Clinical Psychology in 1990. See LinkedIn profile


Ellen Johanne Munkvold

Why should anyone be led by you?

Ellen is an experienced leader and organisation and people developer. She has a strong passion for creating the space for individuals to uncover and utilize the true potential in an organisation. Ellen has 36 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry and over 10 years in leading positions in Statoil, Halliburton, Weatherford and Deloitte. She has worked within business strategy as well as organisational and leadership change and development, especially focused on team dynamics and people. She believes that allowing, and helping, people to become a stronger version of who they are is key in creating a diverse and powerful organisation. A true leader will be driving such processes, identifying talent and potential and together with his/her team designing and executing real value creation. Ellen has a coaching training from CTI and has experience in running coaching and mentoring programs. Education: Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry. See LinkedIn profile