Our Expertise

Define & Develop a Culture that Delivers Results

PeoplewithE has a data-based approach to company culture. Our approach is to measure the culture and compare it with the strategic intent. This means defining an Ambition culture and based on data build the measures to close the gap. Learn more

Translating technology challenges into people solutions

Every technology change the organisation makes will impact the way people work, think, act & cooperate. These consequences should be anticipated and planned for. PeoplewithE can assist you in translating technology changes into people consequences and help your organisation in adapting to the human side of change. Learn more

Change Leadership

80 % of organisations have over the last few years implemented major changes. The challenge is that very few ‘change projects’ do deliver the expected results. The consequences are tired organisations and employees, loss of engagement and enthusiasm. We can assist you in designing a change implementation process that deliver results! Learn more

Developing leaders, leadership & teams

Leadership has to work on three levels ✔︎individual ✔︎team ✔︎organisation. PeoplewithE have designed leadership programs with respect for the context of your specific organisation. Learn more