Executive Coaching


The type of leadership most highly in demand are “value based leadership”, “inspirational leadership,” “leadership in a non-authoritarian manner that works with today’s executive talent,” “leadership balanced with authenticity, respect for others, and trust building,” and “strategic leadership.”

Strategic thinking and execution

“Strategic foresight”— the ability to think strategically, often on a global basis — is also frequently cited as a need.

Team- and relationship-building

Many request team-related skills: building and leading teams and working collegially. Quite often as a result of the team being not optimal today. “A world-class leader must be able to hire and develop an exceptionally strong leadership team—he/she cannot succeed as a brilliant one-person player,”

Communication and presentation

The ideal C-suite candidate possesses the power of persuasion and excellent presentation skills. To be present with E: Engagement & Enthusiasm. It is also “the capability to interact with a wide variety of stakeholders.”


Although not skills per se, integrity and a reputation for ethical conduct are highly valued in executives and an area for exploration in a value based approach.

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